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Tur y Serra Real Estate thanks you for your visit to our web site - which we recommend you to select as one of your ´favourite´ ones-and we want to name three good reasons for you to contact us through our own web site or by e-mail, fax, post or telephoning us.

Our organization

Tur y Serra Real Estate is the real-estate department of Tur i Serra Consultoria S.L, with 25-year experience and a direct service to the public. That is why we offer all our clients total management and counselling, and, without obligation, so that every single aspect -commercial, legal and financial- can be observed scrupulously

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The Real Estate network

Our advertising sources include advertising in newspapers, in the magazine published by ComprarCasa, at, and, national and international search engines, advertising on boards inside our office, visited by hundreds of people every day.

Real State in Ibiza


Our clients demand us work where transparency, savoir faire and a strict legal way of conducting their transactions are given priority; these three requirements are our rule for daily work.

Real State in Ibiza

Consumption arbitration

As we pointed out in circular number 13/2002, and after the adhesion request which you made as a professional to the Consumption Arbitration System, I am pleased to attach the ´Official Emblem´ which guarantees your adhesion.

Apart from being included in the census of companies adhered to the system which will be published by the Conselleria de Sanitat i Consum (Board of Health and Consumption),you will be able to transmit this fact through your advertising, if it is your wish.The advantages of belonging to the arbitration system are already known by you through our informative circular.We want to thank you for your cooperation with our group and for your participation in the arbitration system.

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